LBiSat | Natural Gas Turbine and UPS Battery Storage

Improved Reliability, Uninterruptible Power Supply, Peak Shaving

South Jordan, Utah, USA

LBi Sat

LBiSat is a worldwide leader in the satellite communications industry with more than 30 years of experience in delivering voice, data, video and media services for customers in over 100 countries around the world. We support all remote enterprise applications with scalable and affordable packages. LBiSat offers advanced network solutions with QoS/prioritization for seamless integration with existing or planned IT equipment. Managed networks are scalable up to 20 Mbps with critical reliability and managed securely from end to end. The LBiSat engineering team’s expertise lies in their ability to match customer requirements with the best and most relevant technology for their application. This experience incorporates fixed or mobile units, terrestrial circuits, wireless, radio, encoding, Ku band applications, antenna testing, antenna verification, and more. The LBiSat technical staff maintains a level of knowledge and understanding at their Network Operations Center with outstanding 24 x 7, around-the-world customer service and technical support.

By combining utility power with on-site generation from a natural gas microturbine integrated with a UPS, LBiSat is able to ensure reliable, uninterruptible power for data center loads.